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Unlike the typical fundraiser, the food at Ribs & 'Ritas is not provided by a caterer. This is not a rubber-chicken dinner! The food is not cooked off-site and warmed at the ranch. This is what makes Ribs & 'Ritas unique! 


The BBQ at this event is cooked by some of the best competition BBQ cookers in the state of Texas. These are cooks who compete throughout the year in sanctioned cook-offs, working hard to beat each other every weekend. 

For Ribs & 'Ritas, they come together as one team to provide a feast like no other for guests of the event. Our 2023 cook team included:

Texas Chrome - Brandon Davis

BottleCap Cookers - Hampton Pratka

Casanova Cookers - Carlo Casanova

Backward Jacks - Tara & Steve Mihalski

Droptine Cookers - JD Williams

Brothers in Arms BBQ - Will Budwit

Choche's BBQ - Jorge Flores

Good Life! Barbeque - Clint Swindall and Matt Wheat


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